Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Pigment spots
Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Pigment spots
Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Pigment spots
Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Pigment spots

Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Pigment spots

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☑ ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you use our RoutINA for 90 days and don't see a result - just write to us "REFUND" and we will refund your money without any questions asked!

Express 2-4 days delivery from our fulfilment center in the US 

90 days routine, which solves your issue in the long run. 

  • Clinically proven results with InaEssentials® Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™, noticeable improvement in as little as 45 days
  • Helps reduce pigmentation & promotes radiant skin
  • Over 90% of our global customer base confirms the effectiveness of our products

How your future with RoutINA looks like:

During the first month, our Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ starts to work its magic. Your skin starts to lighten, and you'll notice a clear reduction in dark spots. This is because our products begin to regulate your skin's melanin production, leading to a more even skin tone.

In the second month, we go deeper. Our Hyperpigmentation RoutINA™ focuses on the real root of the problem - the overproduction of melanin. Our products work to normalize the production of melanin and reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, leading to a clearer and more even complexion.

By the third month, you'll notice something amazing. Your skin begins to handle hyperpigmentation on its own. That's because our products have been training your skin, improving its natural balance mechanisms. You'll notice a significant reduction in dark spots and see your complexion become brighter and healthier. It's not just about fighting hyperpigmentation; it's about building stronger, more radiant skin.


Ditch the chemicals.

Give up products full of chemicals of unknown origin. Go back to the basics and choose the natural way for solving your skin problems.

Your nature-based new best friend.

Feel nature's delicate touch on your skin. Each product is rich in high-quality essential oils which give your skin pure, natural beauty. Crafted from handpicked herbs at our family distillery, their magic is bottled just for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Organic white fir hydrolina

I use it daily, and my skin feels calm, hydrated, and soft. Thank you!!!

White fir water - Hydrolina

I bought the product 'Organic white fir water - Hydrolina (150ml) and I am very satisfied! The results are already visible after 14 days of use. I'm the dark type. I use water on both my face and hands.

Angela Doyle
Lovely product

Light and easy to put on face felt hydrated and fresh after applying

Anne Heining
Refreshing and gives a healthy glow!

I love this hydrobiotic water, smells lovely and leaves skin fresh and glowing. Seems to have a mild exfoliating effect which is perfect for my skin as it reacts to normal exfoliants. Great product!


Tried this new Anti-age product, and been using for about a month now.
I find it very refreshing with a pleasant smell, and it appears to be helping prevent further dark spots.
I tried the original white fir, but didn't get on so well with that...
Think my age spots are too old to clear fully, but there is definitely an improvement using this product.
Ive just returned from a holiday and don't see any further spots.
Thank you InaEssentialls UK 😊