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Lavender water is good but inside cap stick into the big cover and never come off again. It’s ok but it needs to be very careful when I use it.

Lavender Secret - Natural hand cream for Dry hands

Fantastic but expensive

I LOVE this moisturiser. Got it as a free gift in my first subscription box and wow I love it! A little goes a long way which is good because it’s so expensive and I won’t be able to buy one once this runs out! But if I had that kind of money I would definitely buy it, no question!

Rose water

This is my favourite skin freshener, wouldn't be without it. Lovely product.

Smells Wonderful

Your Rose Oil smells wonderful and sure softened my dry skin on my arm.

I have been suffering from some type of reoccurring bacteria which causes an extreme rash (caused at first by some reaction to a weed while mowing my Arizona yard) and continues to pop up two or three times a year either from a cat scratch, dog scratch, bug bite, or plant irritant.
I was told Rose oil could be very helpful. It didn't help during the inflamed stage, but during the healing stage, it's wonderful! Thank you.
I also sure appreciate the price as it was very hard trying to find quality Rose Oil at an affordable price. Thank you!

Lavender hydrolina

I love this product. After using for a month straight- twice a day- the results speak for themselves 🌸

Chamomile hydrolina

I have been using the chamomile flower water for about 10 days and I have seen a big change in my hands from the dermatitis that has been bothering me for a long time.

Really helped!

Acne vanished after just a few uses, and my skin became smoother and more pleasant to the touch. I am satisfied.

Lavender and mint hydrobiotic

My favorite face water! My skin has significantly improved, and this is my second order. I am very satisfied!

Magical spray

In addition to its effectiveness against fungus, I've discovered that this spray also works well for mosquito bites. It's quite effective, and within a minute, the itch from a mosquito bite is gone.

Organic white fir hydrolina

I use it daily, and my skin feels calm, hydrated, and soft. Thank you!!!

Fantastic product

Rose Hydrolina is fantastic! Thank you!


We are testing a chamomile hydrolina from Inaessentials, to whom we thank very much for their support in our fight with eczema. You can see the improvement after just 2 days. I'm glad we have something so natural.


I've been using it for a little less than a year, I think the difference is obvious 😊

Great product

Works fantastically on rashes of any kind. Whether from allergies or acne. I regularly put it on my son's forehead. Results within 2 weeks, see photo. I recommend.

White fir water - Hydrolina

I bought the product 'Organic white fir water - Hydrolina (150ml) and I am very satisfied! The results are already visible after 14 days of use. I'm the dark type. I use water on both my face and hands.

Lavender hydrolina

I bought my son a lavender Hydrolina set. He has been using it for two weeks and we can already see an improvement in his acne which also boosts his confidence.

Calms redness

i have been using this for a month and there is no drastic change apart from reduce of redness, my acne is hormonal though, i will continue using. Defo the best thing i’ve used on my skin 😊

Chamomile water

It’s been working great on my skin, really pleased will buy again still waiting to receive a free lemon and chamomile soap as the one I received was 2 months out of date sent across my details can send review once delivered everything else is great thanks


This is my favourite face mask EVER!! It smells gorgeous, is easy to mix and apply and really helped calm down my skin which was having a bit of a flare up. I would never waste my time or money on any other brand now. And knowing it's all natural is the best part, it's all helping the health of my skin, and it really does show! I've also noticed with the maskinas that my skin continues to improve for several days afterwards, it's not a short term treatment. I can't wait to do another one, because using it regularly will give the best results, but will wait 4 days as the company advises. Thank you so much for this amazing product, and for looking after our skin!

Excellent products

Love the nettle shampoo and rosemary conditioner my scalp and hair feels nourished. I will definitely be purchasing again and again, chemicals are gone from my life, couldn't be happier.

Rosa hydrolina

Lovely product refreshing and helps to keep my skin soft and calm so easy to use

Helps the eczema

I have dyshidrotic eczema and sensitive skin, which often results in dermatitis when I come in contact with irritants.
This cream settles the flare ups and reduces inflammation quite quickly which is very helpful. It is not greasy so you can use it throughout the day without getting your clothes stained. I do need to top up with a greasier cream every now and then; but as far as reducing irritation, inflammation and speeding up recovery from a flare up - it is definitely worth a buy.

Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for dry skin - 150 ml (Hydrolat)

Love this product the scent is the most beautiful smell of roses and it’s so refreshing on the skin. Skin is moisturized and so soft. The best rose water I’ve purchased online

Best handcream ever!

I have tried lots of hand creams over the years, and lately nothing was working. My hands would get dehydrated and I would get little round raised bumps on the backs of my hands. I tried this, and overnight my hands are soft and plump, and stay plump all of the following day. No more raised bumps. My hands have honestly not looked this good for years! I'm using quite a few other products from this company, and they are all amazing. My skin is so much better and best of all, it feels really healthy. I only use it at night, so it can work throughout the night, and that seems to be all it needs. I have now stocked up, and will be sticking to this brand from now on for my skincare. Thank you!!!